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Students Win 13 Awards at SARSEF 2017!

13 projects from Khalsa were honored at SARSEF this weekend, with a couple of projects winning multiple awards. Congratulations to the students for all their hard work!

  1. Buttercup Class, What Colors are in Red Beets and Blackberries? SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
  2. Poppy Class, The Water Cycle, SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place
  3. Sunflower Class, Which Soil is Stronger? SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
  4. Willow Class, Water Cycle Soup, SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
  5. Mariposa Class, A Lesson Learned in Planting, SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place
  6. Palo Verde Class, The Water Project: Runoff or Recharge? SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place
  7. Mesquite Class, Drinking the River, SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place
  8. Acacia Class, pH and Pennies, SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place
  9. Maia Stark, High Tide, Low pH, Marine Related Project 2nd Place
  10. Zayk Cronyn, Sustainable Sustainability, SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place/ TEP Award of Excellence
  11. Anna Campbell/Emma Cozzi , Powered by Pee, SARSEF Grand Award: 3rd Place/Outstanding Achievement in Science and Engineering
  12. Maya Rezende Tsao, What’s in your Water? Young Water Scientist Award
  13. Christina Shelby, Are You Having Parabolems with Your Wifi? SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place

2016 Earth Day Poetry Content

Congratulations to Khalsa Montessori School’s poets and their teachers for their beautiful poetry that earned recognition in Arizona Sonora Desert Museum’s Earth Day Poetry Contest.  Download winners announcement

2016 Art Awards

Download art awards

2016 Science Fair Awards

Download Award Winners

Khalsa Montessori 2015 Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair Awards

Download PDF of Award winners.

Congratulations to five Khalsa Montessori upper elementary and middle school students who have been named winners for their age groups in the Tucson Festival of Books Young Illustrator/Artist Competition, sponsored by the Friends of Western Art Organization. Student work will be displayed at the festival in March. Each student will receive a gift certificate and will be honored at an award ceremony during the festival on the Children’s Entertainment Stage.

1st prize, Tucson Clean and Beautiful RUMBA (Re-Used Materials Becoming Art) Competition 2014

Congratulations to Upper Elementary and Middle School students along with teacher Rameen Ahmed.

Congratulations to Khalsa Montessori School poets honored at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum’s Earth Day Poetry Contest, April 2014.

Download Poetry Award Winners List 2014

Khalsa Montessori 2014 Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair Awards

Download PDF of Award winners.

Khalsa Montessori School has been recognized as an Arizona 2013 NCEA Higher Performing School

The National Center for Educational Achievement has partnered with the Arizona Business and Education Coaliton (ABEC) and the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) to recognize schools with a level of academic growth and achievement that exceeds expectations. Khalsa Montessori was recognized as one of 147 Higher Performing Schools in Arizona, and the only Montessori school to receive this honor.

Khalsa Montessori Lower Elementary Students Win Poetry Awards

Poems by lower elementary students in the Mariposa class have been selected for
awards in the Tucson’s River of Words Youth Poetry and Art Contest, a local affiliate of
the national River of Words Youth Poetry and Art Contest. Congratulations Maya and

Khalsa Montessori School Scientists
Win 9 Awards at SARSEF

Nine science projects from Khalsa Montessori School were recognized at the Southern
Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair awards night. Several of our students,
teachers and parent mentors were able to attend the ceremony and receive the awards.
We are all proud of our students and teachers and appreciate their creativity in
designing their projects and their hard work completing them. And we are deeply
grateful for the commitment of parent science fair coordinator, Lisa Rezende and her
support team of parent volunteers who so generously give of their time and talents to
support the students’ learning.

The winning entries will remain on display in the administration building through the end
of March. You might notice, as I did, that our students are curious about personal and
planetary wellness.

Here is a list of the award winning projects:

Individual Middle School Projects

Isabella Bushroe: Conventional Bulbs Vs. Leds, SciEnTeK-12 Foundation 1st Place (7th
grade astronomy and physical sciences)

Isabel Hausrath: , Cara O’Neil: Seawater To Freshwater: Designing And Building A
Portable Solar-powered Desalinator, SciEnTeK-12 Foundation 2nd Place (8th grade
engineering/math/computer sciences)

Remi Tuijl-Goode: Does Flock Size And Positioning Matter For Birds Feeding?,
SciEnTeK-12 Foundation 2nd Place (8th grade life sciences)

K-5 Class Projects

Melinda’s class- 1st place kindergarten class project- Earth science, “Which Soil Do
Plants Grow In Best?”

Laura’s class (Camden)- 2nd place 3rd grade class project- Earth science, “The
Awesome Crystal Experiment”

Stephanie’s class- 3rd place 3rd grade class project- Life science, “How Does Exercise
Affect Memory?”

Michele’s class- 1st place 3rd grade class project- Physical science, “Circular Orbits”

Amelia’s class- 2nd place 5th grade class project- Earth science, “Effects of Detergents
and Grey Water on Pond Water”

Kathy’s class- 2nd place 5th grade class project- Life science, “Burning Nuts”

Congratulations 2012 Science Fair Winners!

Award-winning Khalsa School Science Fair projects at Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SARSEF) 2012 :

Isabel Hausrath and Willow Strey: 1st place 7th Grade Life Science Project and Certificate from the U of A Department of Plant Sciences

Amelia Sheldon’s Class: 2nd place 4th grade Physical Science Class Project

Olivia Postal and Eden Streety: 2nd Place 6th grade Earth Science Project

Erin Donaghy’s Class: 3rd place 5th grade Life Science Class Project

Emily Miura-Stempel and Remi Tujil-Goode: 3rd Place 7th Grade Life Science Project

Spike Hammond: 3rd Place 7th grade Engineering/Math/Computer Science Project

Angelina Pope: 3rd Place 8th grade Earth Science Project

Congratulations 2012 Chess Club winners!

Khalsa Montessori School Chess Club won the Regional Championship on Saturday March 10, 2012!

Nine of the Khalsa players at the First Regional Qualifier match qualified for the State Championshipsnext month in Gilbert, AZ. Nicholas, Kenzo, Nolan, and Sasha all finished with very solid scores giving the K-1 Khalsa team the clear First Place finish as Region Champions! Other team members qualifying for the State Championships are Zach, Isaac A, Aleks, Isaac P, Simon, and Keenan.

Congratulations 2012 Poetry winners!

Khalsa Montessori School Upper Elementary students won honors at the annual Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Earth Day Poetry Contest.

Grade 4: 3rd place, Margaret O’Neill

Grade 5: 2nd place, Shayne Strey

Grade 6: 

1st place, Isabella Bushroe

2nd place, Cara Lehrling

3rd place Noelle Huerta

And Congratulations to teacher Kathy Bodenhemier! Thank you for mentoring these talented writers!

Congratulations Khalsa School Poets!

The 2011 winners of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Annual Earth Day Poetry Contest include several students from the Acacia and Palo Verde classes! Many thanks to teachers, Kathy Bodenhemier and Erin Donaghy.

First Place overall: Isabel Hausrath tied for first place out of 886 entries

4th grade First Place: Sophia Laing

5th grade Honorable Mentions: Lian Ascher, Isabella Pretzinger, and Maryn Graskey

6th grade First Place: Isabel Hausrath

6th grade Third Place: Emily Miura-Stempel

6th grade Honorable Mentions: Tina Finley, Ethan Meade, Ari Bormanis, Sophia Rieger, and Isabel Hewgley.

Congratulations Khalsa School Scientists!

Eight Khalsa School projects won honors at  SARSEF 2011, Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair. Many thanks to the hard work of our teachers and parent scientists who served as mentors!

1st place, 5th grade Life Science: Palo Verde Class, “The Effect Of Colored Light On Aquatic Plant Respiration”

2nd place, 5th grade Life Science: Acacia Class, “The Effect Of Sweeteners On Cut Flowers”

1st place and a special award from Tucson Cactus and Succulent Society: Mariposa Class (lower elementary), “How Much Light Does A Saguaro Seed Need To Germinate?”

1st place, 6th grade Engineering/Math/Computer Project: Santino Constantine and Colton Leighou, “Electrostatic Generator”

2nd Place, 6th grade Life Science: Isabel Hausrath and Willow Strey, “What Kind Of Cleaner Removes The Most Bacteria?”

2nd Place, 8th grade Earth Science and Broadcom Masters Certificate special award: Morgan Postal, “What Liquids Cause Rust the Fastest?”

3rd Place, 6th Grade Life Science: Cara O’Neill, “Carbon Dioxide and Plant Growth”

Special award from the United States Navy and Marine Corps HM Certificate: Austin Baral, “Combining Chemicals for Mixed Colors”

Tuscon’s River of Words Youth Poetry and Art Contest 2010

Four Khalsa Montessori Lower Elementary students were selected for awards from Tucson’s River of Words Youth Poetry and Art Contest 2010. Their poetry will be displayed at Tucson Children’s Museum. Our poets will be honored along with other finalists at a celebration at the museum April 14.

Khalsa School Students take Honors in Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair 2010

Khalsa Montessori School receives Excelling School award from Tom Horne, AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction

Arizona Department of Education
Tom Horne
Superintendent of Public Instruction

Certificate of Recognition

Awarded to
Khalsa Montessori Charter School

On behalf of the Arizona Department of Education,
Congratulations on your status as an Excelling School.

I commend you for your leadership, dedication, and hard work. Best wishes and continued success to students, teachers, parents, and the community.

December 2009

Tom Horne
Superintendent of Public Instruction

Khalsa School Students take First Place, Third Place and Honorable Mention in Earth Day Poetry Contest 2009

Chosen from over 500 submissions, Khalsa Upper Elementary students were recognized for their contribution to the Earth Day Poetry Contest 2009 sponsored by the Sonoran Desert Museum.

Khalsa School Students – Winners in the Southern Arizona Regional Science & Engineering Fair 2009

  • SciEnTeK-12 Foundation First Place
  • Discovery Channel Young Scientist Award
  • SciEnTeK-12 Foundation Second Place award

Khalsa k-6 Chess Team wins 3rd place in Regional Tournament!

Khalsa Montessori First Grade team takes First Place in State Chess Tournament

Khalsa Middle School receives 2009 Poetic Achievement Award, poems are published in a National Anthology!

19 Khalsa students’ poems were selected for publication in the anthology, A Celebration of Poets. From the editor, “This award is given to schools whose students’ entries to the Poetry Contest were of exceptionally high merit. The list of your students that have been accepted to be published represents a lot of talent, hard work, and dedication from your teachers and students. We have found the single most important factor in creating a quality poem is the quality of the instruction.” Congratulations to our student poets and to their teacher, Jennifer Skiffington, our middle school language arts teacher.